Farm Map

Our cabins are unique, and each one is one of a kind. When assigning the rooms, we cannot guarantee receiving a specific cabin, as the assignment is based on availability.
The photos represent one of our cabins.
Suite A 22 Suite A 18 Apartment  number 1 Cabin 2 Cottage 3 Cabin 4 Cabin 5 Cabin 6 Cottage 7 Cottage 8 Cottage 9 Studio number 10 Studio number 11 Studio number 12 Studio number 13 Unit 14 Cottage 15 Cottage 16 Suite A 17 Suite B 19 Suite B 20 Suite A 21 Suite A 23 Suite A 24 Suite B 25 Suite B 26 Cottage 40 Unit 43 Tibi’s Restaurant Stable Northern Playground Ranch Club Stable Office Swimming pool Reception Lounge Upper Bustan-Citrus Orchard Ziziphus Tree - of the crown of thorns A memorial to Yehuda A Pine Grove Timeout Old Wine press Danny’s Garden