The Riding Farm - Vered HaGalil
We are happy to be one of the oldest riding farms in Israel, with an impressive activity record since 1965! We set off riding as we lead enthusiastic tourists from Israel and abroad along the Galilee and the Golan paths. Magical landscapes, hidden springs, and corners that only we know were an integral part of our journeys. Since then, thousands of people have ridden with us and rediscovered the country's landscapes on the backs of friendly horses. Leave the extremes for another place. We are not racing or in a hurry. Our trips are connected to the spirit of this magnificent area - serenity. Our riding tours include detailed instructions and are intended for everyone. No previous experience or weight restrictions are necessary. (Almost. Our horses are built for riders up to 100 kilos).
Tibis Restaurant
Our restaurant invites you to enjoy excellent meat dishes, fresh salads, and a special menu for the little ones. Enjoy soft and hot drinks, light refreshments, and spectacular views in our cozy lounge.

Due to the current situation, there are frequent changes in activities, and some of the hotel's facilities may not be operational.
It is recommended to check with the reception in advance for the latest updates.
Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool overlooks the Kinneret (in the summer).
At the pool, there is an option to buy ice cream, popsicles,
and soft drinks. The pool has cloakrooms and bathrooms
for the guests, and there is an accessible entrance and a
handicapped pool lounge chair.
The pool is operating from the beginning of the Passover holiday
until the end of Sukkot, depending on the weather.
Opening hours are 10:00–17:00. Hours may differ.
Tibis Restaurant at Vered Hagalil

Tibis Restaurant at Vered Hagalil

Tibis Restaurant at Vered Hagalil
Tibi's Restaurant is located in a rambling field-stone,
pine-wood building, in the heart of the farm.
Quality, eclectic Israeli menu, aged tender steaks,
fresh salads, and a special menu for children.
Attached guest lounge with view of horses and lawn
for coffee and drinks. Hotel guests will enjoy 10% discout of
lunch or dinner at Tibi's. To book a table at the restaurant,
please contact Tibi's team directly at: 04-6330885
Hotel's staff cannot reserve tables at the restaurant.

A delicious breakfast is served every day of the week
between 7:30 a.m -10:30 a.m at Tibis restaurant

* The restaurant is not kosher.
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Our Riding Trips

Our Riding Trips

Our Riding Trips

The stables are the focus of our recreational activities.
We offer guided trail rides, pony rides for little ones,
and western riding lessons. The horses are friendly,
as are our experienced qualified guides who lead the rides
and instructors who give the lessons.
Riding hours Guides and instructors are available for
rides and lessons from 08:00 until an hour before dark.
10% discount for hotel guests.
Please book in advance: 04-6935785 extention 4
or by Email: [email protected]

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Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Laundry Services
Available all days of the week
Delivered in the morning and received in the afternoon.
cost: 40 NIS per bag