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Let us take you on a fascinating journey through breathtaking landscapes, exceptional adventures, and stimulating culinary experiences.
From the serene southern city of Eilat to the stunning northern Golan Heights, from the vibrant center of Tel Aviv to long, sandy beaches - experience the beauty of Israel through the breathtaking locations of Israel Canada hotels.
Our hotels offer luxurious amenities, chef-run restaurants, spa facilities, elegant pools, and captivating designs.

The PLAY group's urban hotels are situated in the heart of cities and boast a harmonious blend of elegant sophistication. PLAY hotels provide direct access to exciting local experiences and everything that pulsates and thrives around them.
Enjoy Group's family hotels provide a joyful and pleasurable experience for families, couples, and groups. We offer various activities, excursions, and packages to keep everyone entertained and happy.
Our suite hotels, WEST, are situated in some of Israel's most stunning beach locations. Enjoy fully equipped and cozy residential suites for long and short stays, a pool, chef-run restaurants, and a spoiling spa complexes.
Are you interested in a romantic couple vacation? The luxury Gali Kinneret hotel offers you an unforgettable premium hospitality experience at the Sea of Galilee, exclusive room suites, a luxurious spa complex, fine cuisine, a private beach, a pool and a spectacular view of the lake.
Are you searching for a vacation spot overseas? Greece! Immerse yourself in the lively Greek culture and treat yourself to lavish lodging at PLAY Hotels in Athens or the stunning island of Paros.

Whether planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip – you are welcome to a tradition where curiosity, a passion for hospitality, and a love for people are a way of life.

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Play Play
Discover the 6 elements of PLAY: the content worlds of music, fitness, body and mind care, entertainment, and cuisine.
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Galei Kinneret Galei Kinneret
The hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Kinneret, offering a private beach and captivating views that can be admired from every corner.
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Enjoy Enjoy
Fun activities with the children or indulging in a spa vacation? Heritage tours or scenic excursions? Lectures and workshops or rejuvenating body and mind treatments? The choice is yours!
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West West
A vacation in specially designed suites, offering sea views and all the comforts for couples, business trips, and families.
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Jerusalem Jerusalem
An authentic Jerusalem hospitality experience that combines
a peaceful atmospherewith breathtaking panoramic views
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Revitalize your next getaway with rejuvenating body and beauty treatments at one of the Israel Canada Hotels spa complexes.
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