Paid parking is available at the Reading West parking lot in Tel Aviv Port, just a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

These days, breakfasts are held at Café Levowski (no kosher) located near the hotel.

Due to the current situation, there are frequent changes in activities, and some of the hotel's facilities may not be operational.
It is recommended to check with the reception in advance for the latest updates.



Come and rest in the hotel lobby.
A combination of  design taken from fairy tales
and Quality furniture Complements the experience
of rest and relaxation.
Want to have an important conversation?
Relax from a long day?
This is the place for you


The hotel works in collaboration
with the Peer Cinema gym located
at 1 Yeshayahu St. Tel Aviv.
Cafe Tsidon

Cafe Tsidon

Cafe Tsidon
The pastoral cafe, located on the entrance floor
of the PLAY Seaport Suite Hotel TLV, is located on Sidon Street.
Experience the authentic Tel Aviv experience
and enjoy plenty of sandwiches, and pastries.
Natural juices, smoothies, quality coffee,
and picnic baskets alongside bouquets, plants, books, candles,
soaps, ceramics, glass vases, and many other beautiful things.
Hours of Operation:
Sunday to Thursday, 9:00-16:00
Friday 08:00-16:00
For orders, deliveries, and information,
call 050-4959630.
Fantastic - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Fantastic - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Fantastic - Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
Inspired by the fantastic world of fairy tales,
the magical chef of PLAY Seaport Suite Hotel TLV
(formerly Port and Blue)
invites you to enter three uniquely designed dining areas:
a ballroom, a tea hall and a lounge.
Here, embraced by the world of magical imagination,
guests relish delicious breakfasts and magical dinners.

Operation hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 07:30-10:30
Friday: 08:00-11:00
*The restaurant is not kosher.

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Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Laundry Services
Delivered every day until 10:00
and receive the next day