Tel Aviv Attractions

Now is always the right time to discover Tel Aviv – the fun-filled, fast-paced "Non-Stop City" that offers 24/7 entertainment.
Defined and inspired by Tel Aviv's vibrant fusion of blissful beaches and vibrant nightlife, PLAY Seaport Suite Hotel TLV (formerly Port and Blue) is just moments away from many of the city's most popular attractions: the gorgeous beachfront and serene Mediterranean, the bustling markets and restaurants of trendy Tel Aviv Port, and the endless green expanses of Yarkon Park, where you can easily spend a day exploring its many walking and cycling trails, playing fields and sports options.
Meanwhile, the rest of the metropolis is always at your fingertips, with cafés, bars and nightclubs nestled among fascinating museums and theaters.
Truly the city that has something for everyone.

Enjoy a selection of activities you can get a discount as the hotel client: