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Tuscany Of The Druze

A short drive towards the Golan Heights and the Druz villages
The beginning of the trip is in the Emirate Palac, dated to the Ottoman period, telling the story since the first inhabitants until the period of the Six-Day War, passing through a garden of impressive basalt sculptures.
Continuing to the Golan Tourist Park: A giant 9-foot totem work of Golan and Galilee artisans.
The trip includes a visit to the Golan headquarters from the early '60s, former Syrian headquarters in the Golan and a regional hospital until the Six-Day War period, located on the outskirts of the destroyed city of Konetra. Access is free.
In front of the headquarters is a monument in honor of Eli Cohen, our spy in Damascus.
The drive continues to 1190 meters high observatory point in Mount Cramim, a perfect view from the Ram Lake, Nabi Yafuri, the Druze villages and the famous Khader village in Syria.
The way back is through an agricultural road, between the cherry blossoms and the famous Ram Lake.
And finally, a celebration of colors at the fruit market in Yafuri Valley, including cherries in season.


We begin the route with a beautiful observation over Metula (the Northern cuty in Israel) abd its' Dado observation. From the site you can see the Lebanese Ayun Valley, the Hermon Mountains, Mount Har Dov and the spectacular Hula Valley.
We continue on to the Hunin Fortress, built on the Ramot Naftali mountain range near the Lebanese border and above the city of Kiryat Shmona. An underground reservoir of three circular halls connected to each other was excavated within the fortress centuries ago.
The arches have a plastered arched structure, which gives them a special appearance.
The trip is an amazing scenic drive through the Naftali Mountains with views of the Hula Valley, the Golan Mountains, exploring the blossoms of nature flowers – among them the the buttercup and the cyclamen flowers.
We end the tour in the Sadiqi Crater, situated near Kibbutz Yiftach, for 20 minutes of walking and watching an interesting and challenging geological phenomenon, and even a bath in Ein Tao, which is a cool natural spring.


Traveling towards the "eucalyptus grove", which is close to the Hermon river known as the Banias river, one of the origin of the Jordan River.
The trail is an easy hiking trail, some of which is shaded along the stream.
During the walk you will get to know the plants and animals in the environment - water turtle and the river crab - paradise is here !
We continue to cross point with the two other origins of the Jordan River - the cool Snir and Hastbani springs, in the shade of the prairie trees - perfect pleasure in the
tranquility and the inviting water combined with stories about the Hermon landscape, the "land of the water" and its water regime.
We end the tour at the Gan Hatzafon parking, watching the strong flows of the Hastbani River and returning to Nofey Gonen Resort through the well-known oil route with the wonderful views of the Hula Valley.


Beginning at the Shifon Mountain - a 971-meter-high volcano, known for a rare wild plant that grew in the area and is used for baking rye bread and overlooking the Golan volcanoes.
A visit at the Lebanese Cedar tree and Armor Memorial Monument, in memory of the IDF's 173rd Battalion who suffered a severe attack while parking for the night during the Six-Day War.
has stopped for the night east of the Hazka range, the cedar's existence, its green color and its impressive size in the face of the very exciting steel silence.
A short drive to the cool spring that forms the Syrian Officers' pool in Juchader (guest pool in Arabic) located in a shady corner of the eucalyptus trees.
We recommend stopping by, indulging in a cup of coffee and bathing in the cool water.
We end the tour at the famous Tel Saki, a military post and landmark from the Yom Kippur War, with the heroic stories of the post's soldiers, including entry into the fighter bunker.
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