Spa Day

The Enjoy Dead Sea Hotel invites you to a day of leisure and relaxation in one of the world's most unique locations.
The hotel staff will welcome and guide you through a day filled with spa treatments, gym sessions, and a mouth-watering lunch at the hotel restaurant.

A day of relaxation at the hotel includes

access to the dry and wet saunas, Jacuzzi, Dead Sea water pool, cold and hot streaming pools and lunch at the hotel restaurant.
An equipped gym is available for an additional NIS 30, and coffee and cake are also available for purchase.

Are you interested in adding a treatment at our spa complex?
We offer facial therapies, body peels, various massages, and reflexology treatments.
For details and orders, don't hesitate to contact us
via phone at 08-6689999 08-6689905 /, WhatsApp at 0528117367
 or email [email protected]


Treatments Menu

Special Prices for a Fun Day
at Enjoy Dead Sea Hotel

Per Person
Includes lunch and hotel facilities
Per Person
Includes breakfast, lunch, and hotel facilities
Per Person
Includes lunch, hotel facilities, and a 30-minute spa treatment
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