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Discovering a city that never sleeps can be an exciting adventure. Along with numerous other captivating centers vying for attention, the neighborhood provides an ideal starting point for exploring all the city offers.
Levontin and its adjacent neighborhoods are Tel Aviv's true SOHO, boasting numerous historical landmarks, authentic culture, and a distinct personality.
Discover a wealth of experiences in this region, from captivating art exhibits and charming shops to bustling markets and rich cultural sites.
A winding journey over 100 years
A century ago, a group of affluent Jews paved the way for a thriving neighborhood adorned with stunning Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture. This area also saw the rise of pioneering enterprises that flourished alongside the community.
 The neighborhood earned the title Electricity Neighborhood due to its historical significance as the location of Tel Aviv's first electricity station. This station, serving as a cornerstone of progress and modernity at the time, played a pivotal role in shaping the development and growth of the area.
Over time, the neighborhood was neglected as public attention shifted to more northern areas.
A decade ago, the neighborhood experienced a significant change. It embraced its past and invited artists to participate in the community's narrative.
Comfortable shoes - get yourself ready
No map needed - One can understand the neighborhood's vibe by exploring its alleys: Creative, stylish, and expressive waves emanate from all directions.
The Electric Garden is a vibrant and beautiful space that encourages visitors to pause and appreciate their surroundings. Colorful graffiti adorns the walls, reflecting the rich history that has shaped this remarkable area.
Hungry? The Levontin neighborhood has a diverse food scene that attracts visitors from all over the world. Here, you can find master ice cream parlors, excellent vegan restaurants, cuisines from all over the world, and small restaurants that serve delicious, simple food.
Towards evening, Lebontin offers a lively atmosphere of music, alcohol, and good food, with bars, pubs, music clubs featuring live performances, and bustling alleys all within proximity.
Shopping? Discover the ultimate shopping destination at Levontine, where many boutique stores, concept stores, and art galleries await.
Embark on an exciting journey by venturing into Levontin with an open mind and allowing yourself to wander. You never know what hidden gems you might stumble upon, whether it's a refreshing juice stand, an incredible store, or even some new companions to share in the experience with at the electric garden.
Want to expand your journey? Explore the vibrant city and its many delights like the Florentine and Nechalat Binyamin neighborhoods, the Levinsky market, the breathtaking beach, the iconic Rothschild Boulevard, the bustling Carmel market, and of course - Jaffa, all conveniently located within a short walking distance.
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