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Dramatic desert cliffs, magical hidden springs, and one beautiful lake known as a true wonder of nature: welcome to the dead sea.

The Ein Bokek and surroundings are the perfect setting for a happy family vacation, friends' gathering, or group trip.
Here you will find a tremendous sea, wild nature, and countless fascinating points in the immediate vicinity.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a magnet for tourists worldwide, thanks to its good qualities.
Impossible contrasts await you between the deep blue of the sea and the dazzling yellow of the desert, well-kept beaches, and a beautiful promenade, especially during the sunset.
Take advantage of the Dead Sea's rich waters for a tiny dip or a long full-body experience.

Ein Gedi Reserve

When they say 'oasis,' this is what they mean.
Ein Gedi Reserve is a paradise for people and animals. Here you will find diverse hiking itineraries for challengers, beautiful springs and small waterfalls, and antiquities from the beginning of history.
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority have trained an accessible and comfortable route that goes right up to the first pond. You can stay and if you want more, go up with the convenient trail markings to the following pools, to the wet track that passes between magical waterfalls, and on - to the impressive David waterfall.
If you raise your head and you're lucky - you'll catch a glimpse of the curious eyes of ibexes wandering on the high cliffs.

Masada site

Masada site, full of majesty, is a must-stop. Here, Jewish courage and determination came to the fore in one of the remaining strongholds against the Romans. Here you will discover palaces, mosaics, hidden passageways, mikvahs, and signs of Jewish life that will captivate adults and children with the remarkable story woven here. We recommended attending the audiovisual spectacle, which presents the story of the Jewish warriors.

Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek is a sweet spring, offering an easy route and spectacular views.
It's fun to wade, dip your toes in front of the gentle current, and, if you want - climb the ladder that goes up to the cliff for the spectacular views.

Tel Arad

Travel back in time to Tel Arad. The archaeological site is considered one of the most important in Israel and the world, where you will find the remains of a Canaanite city (more than 5000 years old!), cult complexes, and even a temple from the Second Temple period.


At the foot of the towering cliffs of the Judean Desert lies one of the most exciting sites in Israel. At first glance, the site is modest, but upon deepening the acquaintance, a treasure trove is discovered - where they found the precious Dead Sea scrolls, considered one the most important archaeological find of our time.

Zuf (nectar) Winery

This unique winery is located in Arad and specializes in producing natural organic wine. Discover this fascinating world, enjoy a delicious sip, and continue your journey with a picnic basket.

Dead Sea Easyrider

Enjoy a fun, and unique off-road ride made for the adventurous. The professional team will take you along the desert and Dead Sea landscapes.
Ideal for couples, families, and groups.
Rappelling trip in the Qumran river
This extreme park offers a rope complex, rappelling trips, and ODT for groups and companies.

Dead Sea freediving

Do you dare to jump from the highest point in the area to the lowest point on Earth? 
Enjoy the magical landscapes, the mesmerizing combination of desert yellow and sea blue, Masada views, streams, and deep canyons.

Solarium Minus 400 Dead Sea

The unique geographical conditions of the Dead Sea region create a rare combination of resources. Solarium Minus 400, the largest in Israel and the world, is a center of attraction for people with arthritis and various skin diseases.

Minus 430 gallery

The 'lowest gallery in the world' is located on Kalia Beach inside an abandoned Jordanian camp, which has become a spectacular display of beautiful colors, textures, and shapes created by urban artists from Israel and the world.

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