What to Check before Choosing a Business Hotel

Planning a business event? First of all, hats off to you – it’s no easy task! You need to consider your guests and their various needs, book engaging speakers, tie up countless loose ends, and think about numerous potential scenarios and issues. As we said – wow!
While we can’t take responsibility for your guests (or speakers!), we can offer some tips for choosing a hotel.

Why Host a Business Event at a Hotel? 

The answer seems obvious – because it’s convenient! It’s easiest to consolidate all activities in one place, in a business-oriented space designed specifically for this purpose. You’ll receive close support to handle the details, anticipate scenarios, and address potential issues before they arise.
But it’s not just easier; it’s simply more professional. A business hotel is designed for business people. Busy professionals need to maximize productivity and make the most of their time and location to advance. Isn’t that the essence of ‘doing business’?

7 Tips for Choosing a Business Hotel 

1. Location, Location, Location 

It’s not just about convenience; think about all the unnecessary transportation costs for speakers, guests, and suppliers. Therefore, we recommend choosing a centrally located business hotel, such as in Tel Aviv, which is easily accessible by public transport. (Unless thinking outside the box is part of your business agenda, in which case you might consider more exotic locations like the Dead Sea or even Ashdod.)

2. Dedicated Business Facilities 

Inviting guests and speakers to a business hotel only to encounter technical problems or missing equipment? Big no! Business hotels must include dedicated facilities such as meeting rooms, conference spaces, all-day refreshments, and a comprehensive array of audiovisual equipment – screens, projectors, and reliable, free-flowing internet.

3. Business Aside – There’s Life Too 

Business professionals enjoy staying at business hotels because they’re, well, hotels. After an exhausting session, a tedious meeting, or a long lecture, it’s always nice to know that the pool, spa, gym, restaurants, museums, shops, or nature are waiting for you. Pay attention to the facilities at the business hotels you choose, ensuring they cater to a wide range of preferences, whether guests prefer leisure, relaxation, fitness, or exploring the hotel’s surroundings.

4. A Break for the Soul 

And these are the rooms, of course. The perfect retreat where you can recharge, rest, and prepare for what’s next. The rooms in business hotels should include everything needed for a satisfying break, especially a large and comfortable bed, optimal cleanliness, a well-equipped bathroom, and if possible, a balcony with a view.

5. Loyalty Program 

If business events are not a rarity for you, it’s worth choosing hotels that offer a loyalty program for frequent guests. This way, you can accumulate points and enjoy even greater value for your money, plus all the accompanying perks.

6. Save the Sing-Alongs for another Time 

Business hotels should provide a professional and respectable atmosphere. Whether you’re hosting a business event or attending one, choose a hotel that offers a quiet and isolated environment so you can maintain the necessary concentration.

7. And Last but Not Least – The Food 

The best part of a lecture? The meal waiting afterward! Whether in a restaurant, bar, or room service, you cannot underestimate the importance of the culinary experience in the overall picture. An available, healthy, and diverse menu will significantly contribute to the business atmosphere (not to mention saving time during busy workdays).

IC Hotels’ Business Hotels 

Our business hotels are the ultimate choice, whether you’re organizing a business event or attending one. The hotels in Tel Aviv are urban gems full of charm and character, centrally located, providing easy access to numerous cultural, leisure, and beach attractions. The business hotel in Ashdod is situated on the beach and includes a comfortable business lounge, pool, and chef restaurant, while the hotel at the Dead Sea features a conference and business area, pool, luxurious spa, and private beach access.

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