A Day of Fun in Jerusalem: Your Ultimate Guide to Unexpected Delights in the City

When someone mentions "Day of Fun in Jerusalem," what springs to mind? It could be a flood of images: sacred sites, ancient history, and a weighty sense of religious significance. But hold on a moment—Jerusalem is much more than its storied past.
In recent decades, with an investment that's, well, let's just say SUBSTANTIAL, Jerusalem has transformed into a playground of attractions rivaling the world's largest capitals. Sure, it's got the holy sites and the weighty history, but it's also bursting with modern delights.

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – Mamilla Boulevard

Jerusalem has everything from sprawling museums to what might be the Middle East's grandest zoo, quirky parks to bustling boardwalks, trendy shopping avenues to ancient caves and bubbling springs—and then some.
So, buckle up and prepare to discover our beloved city's playful, colorful, and unexpected side. We've got the complete guide for your perfect fun day in Jerusalem. But fair warning: trying to fit it all into one day? Well, good luck with that!

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – The Botanical Garden in Jerusalem

Can't-Miss Sites on Your Fun Day in Jerusalem

The Israel Aquarium

Well, this isn't your average fishbowl setup—no, siree! The Israel Aquarium is a sprawling aquatic wonderland boasting endless tanks teeming with life. From vibrant shoals of stingrays to elusive abalones, from mesmerizing shell displays to a bustling stingray maternity ward, every corner of this place is alive with wonder. So, grab a few hours and prepare to be awestruck—plenty here you won't want to miss!

The Botanical Garden in Jerusalem

Starting with the basics—nature— so let's dive deeper. The Botanical Garden in Jerusalem is a breathtaking oasis, boasting a riot of colors, indigenous Israeli flora, and prized collections from around the globe. Spanning 170 dunams, it's home to the most extensive plant collection in the Middle East—over 7,000 varieties! What's the secret? The city's cold, dry climate and the green-thumbed Jerusalemites who lovingly tend to the garden year-round. Need a break from the excitement? The Botanical Garden is that place. Don't forget your picnic blanket!

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – The Israel Aquarium

The Biblical Zoo

Before we move on to our next attraction, here's another gem to add to your Jerusalem itinerary—the Biblical Zoo. With reptiles, mammals, birds, and even creatures from the time of the Bible, this sprawling zoo is a must-visit. Covering hundreds of acres, it's not just about the animals—the picturesque lake, tranquil ponds, and lush meadows make for a delightful escape. Oh, and did we mention the train that chugs along its scenic paths? Trust us, this belongs on your must-see list for Jerusalem!

Mahane Yehuda Market and Surroundings

After saturating yourself in nature, it's time to treat your taste buds to the culinary wonders of Jerusalem. Where is the best place to start than Mahane Yehuda Market?
This bustling market, often hailed as the heartbeat of Jerusalem boasts an array of culinary delights that could keep you exploring for a lifetime.
Whether you're ready for a quick snack or a leisurely meal, Mahane Yehuda has it all.
Indulge in fast and fabulous fare at the food stalls, offering everything from mouthwatering falafel and fish and chips to savory muffuletas and delectable pasta. Don't miss out on the iconic knaffe—it's a must-try!
But Mahane Yehuda isn't just about street food.
Dive into a world of ethnic cuisines, tempting pastries, aromatic spices, and vegan delights. And, of course, being a market, you'll find fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, breads, and specialty salads galore.
Between Jaffa Street and the Nachalot neighborhood, Mahane Yehuda Market is the perfect starting point for exploring the area. With your stomach happily satisfied and your taste buds tingling from the culinary delights, stroll through the market's inviting alleys. Check out the local ambiance, discover charming synagogues tucked away in hidden corners, and soak in the vibrant tapestry of daily life unfolding around you.

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – The Biblical Zoo

The Time Elevator

Not far from the market lies the Time Elevator, a multimedia must-visit attraction offering a mesmerizing journey through Jerusalem's storied past. The Time Elevator also provides a thrilling ride through space or a fun discovery of the human body.
With multiple shows on different themes, the Time Elevator promises an unforgettable experience that combines history, technology, and excitement. And while in the area, why not explore other nearby attractions, like a culinary tour or a scenic climb up the Petzal Tower?

The Red Bus - City Tour

For a comprehensive tour of Jerusalem, hop aboard the iconic red bus—a double-decker sightseeing extravaganza with panoramic city views. This open-air bus tour covers everything from historical landmarks to modern marvels, even stopping at the breathtaking Mount Scopus viewpoint!
Like similar tours worldwide, you can hop on and off at your leisure, exploring Jerusalem at your own pace. Take it from us - It's the perfect way to see the city! 

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – שוק מחנה יהודה והסביבה

Mamilla Boulevard

Mamilla Boulevard is a must-visit destination for any Jerusalem itinerary. It's a shopper's paradise with luxury brands, exclusive boutiques, and tempting eateries. Looking for something new? Take it here!

City of David and Temple Mount Excavations

Step back in time to the City of David, where history comes alive with every excavation. Explore ancient ruins and archaeological treasures, and gain insight into Jerusalem's rich heritage. Don't miss the thrilling underground tour—a wet and wild adventure for all ages!
Across the road, join the Temple Mount excavations and unearth centuries-old artifacts that shed light on Jerusalem's past. Each discovery offers a glimpse into the city's fascinating history, from pottery bowls to oil jugs.
And there you have it—a jam-packed itinerary for an unforgettable day in Jerusalem. Or two, if you're up for it! For more exciting adventures in the city, check out our guide to Jerusalem's top attractions.

Day of Fun in Jerusalem – עיר דוד

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